Mission Work

Mission Work

When it comes to outreach and helping others, you will find Jemma at the front of the line. Her heart and love for people have no boundaries. Her missions and charity work have has taken her on numerous occasions to South African Townships and rural parts of Kenya where she has helped build homes with Habitat for Humanity. Other ventures have been as grueling as climbing Mount Toubkal, the highest Atlas Mountain in North Africa to raise funds for the charity, Kids Company.

In December of 2016 Jemma took her passion for others and her experience as a chef a step further in her venture to provide wholesome packed hampers full of home-cooked delicacies for families and individuals suffering from depression and struggling during the Christmas season. The hampers are tailored made to each person’s dietary needs and ethnic background. Knowing all too well how the triggers of depression work, in particular around the Christmas period, Jemma endeavored to help elevate this by not just caring for someone for the day but supplying them with enough food and goodies to see them through the festive season.

Jemma and her team cook, prep and pack the hampers through the night into Christmas morning, where a team of volunteers then deliver them all across London and the Home Counties. Now in its 3rd year she is presently working to register the program as a charity as well as looking for local premises to use for 3 days over Christmas to prepare and distribute the hampers from. She hopes that her local council will assist with this.


“I was aware Christmas was approaching but had no idea what I would do. Financial struggles meant I was in no position to buy any food. I had no family or friends that I could go to, so I knew I would be on my own. When a good friend of mine, mentioned Jemma and Christmas hamper, I was blown away and said if it is possible that would be appreciated.

Jemz I want to thank you for making Christmas 2016 truly special. When I saw the hamper I was so amazed, it was it fully loaded with beautiful food and drinks. Not only did it contain a lovely Christmas dinner but also homemade bread, homemade banana cake, rice and peas, macaroni cheese, chicken, potatoes soup, oh my gosh, I thought I had entered heaven as I enjoyed the beautiful food.

The most interesting thing is that I was alone over Christmas, but never felt alone. I felt happy, I did not feel sad. I owe my sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks to you. It took me a week to start and fully finish all the wonderful components of the wonderful hamper.  You have done something so special, and I will remember this kindness that you have shown me for the rest of my life.

Thank you, Christopher Ross”

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